Sterkfontein Shooting Academy


Welcome to Sterkfontein Shooting Academy.

We are located in a picturesque setting amongst typical Highveld bush and trees on the edge of a quarry near Irene. Its very setting is its uniqueness as there are eight ranges, all of a different character and feel, catering for most of the major disciplines, being Sporting, Compak, Trap and Skeet. With over 46 top-of-the-range LaPorte machines , the number of different flights and trajectories are infinite. Normals, mini’s, teal, rabbit, high house, low house, trap and any variation thereof are all standard. Three of the eight ranges are always open on any given day.

We have a small kitchen on site as well as a true bush lapa for braaing (Barbecue). In addition there is the large lapa which can seat up to 140 people in comfort as well as the smaller clubhouse and committee room and bar.

The club is open from 09:00 till 16:00 every day of the week and weekends.

We have built up a reputation for being a family-friendly club and look forward to meeting you at the range!

veranda_and diningroom